Friday, September 28, 2012


Oman is the most incredible place on earth...the natural landscape is so amazing it feels like a movie set.  I actually went swimming in this valley, with the fish (Wadi Tiwi)

When you get thirsty, try fresh coconut juice from any roadside stall...very cool. I thought these were only in Asia...

This is the The Chedi Hotel, if you really want to escape from reality and relax.

And the most beautiful mosque , close competition to the blue mosque in Istanbul, if I may say.

And the Omani people, really warm, friendly, relaxed, well-traveled and intelligent.

One of my favourite places, definitely.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Bling Bling Bling...and OMG how short can someone's skirt go...that's Dubai in a nut shell..for me...

The biggest, tallest, hugest, highest...but credit to them, it's becoming the travel central for global citizens and the pick for celebrities and gigs.

Things to do: shop shop shop shop

Wear: Anything...lots of expats and foreigners here so it looks like a multicultural euro soup mix, the girls look like they've just stepped out of a magazine, there seems to be no limit to how short the skirts can go and how high the heels can be before a major disaster happens infront of a Bentley...or a Toyota.

Stay: There are awesome hotels in Dubai, lots of new, lots of shiney, lots of 5 star.

Beware: Burj Khalifa - the tallest...highest...etc etc think about booking tickets online at least 10 days prior as you won't be able to stroll straight in...

Burj Al Arab - 7 star hotel requires you to make a lunch booking (approx 250AED) or be a guest at the hotel or you won't be able to get in

Atlantis has an awesome water park..but it's very much got a Las Vegas feel to it, so best for families, not the quiet solo business traveller.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Zealand's Vineyard Oasis

If you want to escape from life, this is the place to go.

Go in winter, you'll see this view from your cottage deck but the mountains will be covered in snow, with frost on the grass under your feet.

Like all the places in the world that seem like a dream, you'll have to make the effort to get here (long drive but worth it). There are 2 cabins (cottages) on this property (vineyard) and the main house that the owners live on.  Your cabin is fully self-contained with breakfast provided.

The photos on the website don't do it justice, just believe me it was surreal.

Where is it?'ll have to promise me that you'll bring me back a wine if you do go....Walnut Block Cottages - Marlborough Region, a few hours drive from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Turkey, Istanbul

Turkey - Istanbul

Stay: Point Hotel Barbaros

I think I ate too much…the food is just WAY TOO GOOD in this country.

Go to the icecream guy in Taksim square
(good luck getting your face back without icecream all over it). 

The hotel is perfect for big kids (a whole floor dedicated to big kids toys – wiiiiii paradise, 
arcade games, a bar).  There's always a huge stash of chocolate sitting on the reception 
desk..I mean REAL chocolate. chocolate covered apples, chocolates pieces as huge as your
palm with nuts...

A library with ancient texts will keep the history buffs ready and for those who have a really short attention span – just go make faces at the lady in the lift (it’s an interactive video screen thing).

Just watch the taxi drivers, I’m surprised I survived the trips as they all seem to 
think those tiny winding side alleys are one way car racing tracks. ARRGHHHHHHHH!!! 

Did I mention the pilot flew the plane like that too?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sri Lanka

For: Intentions to Relax gone wrong...

I did a driving holiday (Earls Regency was the nicest hotel out of the gazillion hotels that I stayed at during my driving tour around Sri Lanka).  

Sri Lanka is sweet, super nice for tea lovers who like long drives. 

Bring insect repellent…and bird the first present I got was on my head from a bird...nice...did I mention bring wet wipes too?  They're the next best invention to post-it notes.

For someone like me with a very very short attention span, taking a driving tour around Sri Lanka and moving through multiple hotels was not exactly a holiday. Choose one beach resort and stay there...

  My attempt at being of tuk tuks in a carpark