Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Turkey, Istanbul

Turkey - Istanbul

Stay: Point Hotel Barbaros

I think I ate too much…the food is just WAY TOO GOOD in this country.

Go to the icecream guy in Taksim square
(good luck getting your face back without icecream all over it). 

The hotel is perfect for big kids (a whole floor dedicated to big kids toys – wiiiiii paradise, 
arcade games, a bar).  There's always a huge stash of chocolate sitting on the reception 
desk..I mean REAL chocolate. chocolate covered apples, chocolates pieces as huge as your
palm with nuts...

A library with ancient texts will keep the history buffs ready and for those who have a really short attention span – just go make faces at the lady in the lift (it’s an interactive video screen thing).

Just watch the taxi drivers, I’m surprised I survived the trips as they all seem to 
think those tiny winding side alleys are one way car racing tracks. ARRGHHHHHHHH!!! 

Did I mention the pilot flew the plane like that too?

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